Nov 21, 2011 at 6:58 AM


I cannot get the tool running. I always get an exception regarding the site URL I have entered

Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The Web application at http://seeland:4711 could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing
 content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping to the intended application.
   at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite..ctor(SPFarm farm, Uri requestUri, Boolean contextSite, SPUserToken userToken)
   at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite..ctor(String requestUrl)
   at UpdateTaxonomy.Program.Main(String[] args)

This is a blank root site in a new web application - just to make sure.

Did I miss something?



Nov 22, 2011 at 8:19 AM

Funny thing:

I get the error only with the console application. No matter if I give the parameters directly on launch or when the application aks for them.

When I use the exact same parameter string within visual studio and execute through the debugger - everything is fine and I get my file imported.