UpdateTaxonomy Prompts Screenshot


The import utility takes four parameters (as shown in the screen above):
  1. CSV file path
  2. URL of a site to use as the root for managed metadata
  3. Managed metadata service name (found under Application Management in Central Admin)
  4. Base group name where metadata should be imported. This group needs to exist prior to the import
All four parameters may be specified in-line with the utility to avoid the prompts.

About the CSV format

The CSV file is the very same file used for Microsoft taxonomy import process, with two exceptions:
  1. You may (optionally) append a GUID per term as the last column in the file. This GUID will then be used when creating terms. This may be helpful if you want to preserve GUIDs of all your terms for development, testing, or consistency/repeatability purposes. If this value isn’t found, the importer will assume you want to create all new GUID per term
  2. If you do not specify the LCID value, the importer will assume you want 1033 (English) and specify 1033 as the LCID when creating the term

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